26 June 2021

NGC 5128(Centaurus-A) in LRGB

 El Sause Observatory,Chile (11 Mar 2021)

Centaurus A (also known as NGC 5128) is a galaxy in the constellation of Centaurus. NGC 5128 is one of the closest radio galaxies to Earth, so its active galactic nucleus has been extensively studied by professional astronomers.

Telescope : Planewave CDK24 f \ 6.5
Mount : Mathis MI-1000/1250 with absolute encoders
Camera :  FLI PL 9000
Guiding : Astrodon MonsterMOAG & Starlight Xpress Ultrastar
Time: 2h 30min
Programs I have used : PixInsight 1.8.8 & Photoshop CS6
Location: El Sause,Chile

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