20 July 2012

Gamma Cygni (Sadr area) in HaRGB

Gamma Cygni(Sadr area) in HaRGB

 -Telescope: William Optics FLT 110
-Mount: Skywatcher EQ6 Skyscan Pro with EQMod & EQDir
-CCD: Qhy2 Pro at -0c
-Guiding: TS finder 8x50 & Meade DSI 1 
-Ha 5nm Astrodon(bin 1x1) 225 minutes
-Baader RGB 48-48-60 minutes
-Total exposure: 380 minutes
Gamma Cygni (γ Cyg, γ Cygni) is the Bayer designation for a star in the northern constellation Cygnus, forming the intersection of an asterism of five stars called the Northern Cross. It has the traditional name