05 February 2020

Flaming Star Nebula (IC 405) in HaRGB

IC 405 (also known as the Flaming Star Nebula, SH 2-229, or Caldwell 31) is an emission and reflection nebula in the constellation Auriga, surrounding the bluish star AE Aurigae. It shines at magnitude +6.0. Its celestial coordinates are RA  05h 16.2m dec +34° 28′. It surrounds the irregular variable star AE Aurigae and is located near the emission nebula IC 410, the open clusters M38 and M36, and the K-class star Iota Aurigae. The nebula measures approximately 37.0' x 19.0', and lies about 1,500 light-years away from Earth. It is believed that the proper motion of the central star can be traced back to the Orion's Belt area. The nebula is about 5 light-years across.
Telescope : TS 65Q apo
Mount : Skywatcher AZ-EQ5 GT
Camera : Atik 460 Exm
Guiding : Off-axis guider with QHY 5IIL
Filters : Astrodon Ha 5nm 12 x 900sec bin1x
RGB 12 x 300sec all bin1x
Programs I have used : Sequence Generator Pro,Maxim DL, PixInsight, Photoshop CS6
Total exposure : 360 minutes or 6 hours
Location: Grammatiko, Attiki

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