17 October 2014

Vdb 152 in Lrgb

Vdb 152 LRGB
Telescope: William Optics FLT 110 with F/T focuser 3025 & Starizona usb motor focus
Mount: Skywatcher ΗEQ5 pro
Chip: Atik 314L+ at 0c
Guiding: TS finder 8x50 with Meade DSI I pro
Filter wheel: Starlight Xpress usb 7x1.25
Location: Elikonas
Luminance: 51x420min - 357min
Red: 9x300 - 45min
Green: 9x240 - 36min
Blue: 9x300 - 45min
Total: 483min (8 hours 5 min)
Programs I have used-
Maxim DL ,Pixinsight 1.6, Photoshop CS5, The Sky6 ,Focusmax

Van den Bergh 152, also known as Cederblad 201, is a blue reflection nebula at top left in the image. The large dark nebula stretching through the frame is Barnard 175, a Bok Globule. This complex, also called Wolf's Cave, is located about 1,400 light years away in the direction of the constellation of Cepheus.

Full of very faint dust, this area is part of a large molecular cloud named the Cepheus Flare by Edwin Hubble. The opaque dust blocks most of the starlight behind it, but blue light from a young star is scattered and reflected off some of the particles to illuminate the reflection part of the nebula. Some of the faint dust may be glowing in a dim red color from luminescence, forming an Extended Red Emission nebula (ERE).

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